How MarkerHero works

MarkerHero is a browser extension that enables you to save important information that you found on any website by highlighting it (think of it as an internet sharpie). You can then categorize that information and look it up in your MarkerHero dashboard. The best part - MarkerHero will also remind you what you considered important within the context of a website itself by showing you your highlights any time you revisit that website in the future.


For MarkerHero to work, you need two things: A MarkerHero account and a MarkerHero browser extension.


Ok, so let's say you are learning German, and you stumble upon a word whose meaning you don't know - you look it up and find its meaning. It translates into a lengthy sentence in English, and you are sure you will forget it later. That's where MarkerHero comes in: Select the text you wish to save, just like you would when you want to copy something, and a small MarkerHero icon will appear.

MarkerHero icon appears below the selected text
MarkerHero icon that appears on text selection

By clicking that icon, MarkerHero will save it to your highlights permanently, and it will also be highlighted on this same website when you come back to it later.

Word Sturmfrei highlighted in a tweet
Highlight that we have just taken, shows even on re-visit

If this was your first highlight on this particular page, a popup appears in the top right corner, asking you how you want to categorize that page.

Popup asking you in which folder you want to save your highlight
Popup that asks you to categorize the page the first time it has been highlighted

Assign notes to your highlights

It is also important to remember why you highlighted something. That is where MarkerHero notes come in. Whenever you make a highlight, you can also attach a note to it. Click on the highlight and type the note directly into the comment box that shows up. Everything you write saves automatically as soon as you finish typing.

A note being added to the highlight
Easily add additional context to your highlights with a single click

MarkerHero dashboard

Your MarkerHero dashboard is where you can go to revisit all of the knowledge that you built up by highlighting text all across the internet. We mentioned already that highlights stay displayed on the websites where you make them. That's very useful, but it does not help when you can't remember what that website was. Thanks to the search functionality of your dashboard - that's a problem of the past. In the MarkerHero dashboard you can search for any highlights made on any page, see all your highlights grouped by the page that you made them on, organize your pages into different folders, and add new colors to differentiate between highlights.

MarkerHero dashboard showing various highlights
MarkerHero dashboard where you can always find your highlights

Sharing your highlights

One of the cooler features of MarkerHero is that you can share your highlights with others. Inside of your MarkerHero dashboard, locate the page that you want to share and click on the Share button. A popup will appear where you can toggle the sharing on and off. Toggling it on gives you a unique URL that you can share with anyone. They can then open that url and view the page along with the highlights and notes that you made. The best part is that they don't even need to have a MarkerHero account. You can turn off sharing of your page at any point. Sharing it again will generate a new URL.

Page sharing popup showing a unique share URL
Share your wisdom with anyone by just giving them a URL