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The MarkerHero browser extension lets you highlight text on the internet, stores those highlights, and even makes them searchable .

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With MarkerHero, it's easier to ...

Share pages and articles with colleagues, students or friends on social media - with commentary.

Easily come back to that important or interesting information that would otherwise be forgotten.

Learn a new language or extend vocabulary by marking and remembering difficult words.

Improve the quality of a study or research by capturing and organizing key information.

Give easily discoverable feedback to clients or freelancers when working on a website copy.


MarkerHero is intuitive from day one

Using it is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1 - Highlight text on any website

Step 1 - Highlight text on any website

Step 2 - MarkerHero saves it for you

Step 2 - MarkerHero saves it for you

Step 3 - It's now permanently saved and easily findable

Step 3 - It's now permanently saved and easily findable

Yes - it's that simple

Stop wasting time and losing important information by copy-pasting or using tools not optimized for your workflow.

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Full feature list

Here is a summary of what you can do with MarkerHero:

Simple to learn

MarkerHero adapts to your workflow. It gets out of your way - it's there when you need it.

Infinite colors

Go wild with different color possibilities - or use our sensible defaults. Give each color a unique name.


Only you know the best way to sort your highlights - and we let you do just that. Organize away!


Want to share you highlights? Give a unique link to anyone, even if they are not using MarkerHero.

Make notes

Sometimes highlight is not enough. With MarkerHero, you can provide additional context to your highlights.

Peace of mind

We show highlights in pages you've made them on, but also keep them safe if those pages are removed from the internet.

In our opinion, other popular solutions are not doing a great job.

From performance issues to lost highlights and unnecessary features, it's just a bad experience. MarkerHero is built differently.

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